Collaborative & Interdisciplinary Projects
Various presentations from term team projects. Work completed through SULondon multidisciplinary course, COLAB elective charrettes and Newhouse magazine course. These projects were done with other students from industrial, interior and fashion design as well as business and engineering majors from SU and community professionals.

Newhouse First Issue: Salt City Magazine
For the active, hip, and aware. Salt City taps into the cultural pulse of young adult
life in greater Syracuse.

COLAB Charrette 1: Ventus
What is the future of air travel? The current system of waiting in lines and hauling your belongings around isn't working, what if it were all centralized into one pod with curb
to curb service?

COLAB Charrette 2: TEXT RX
Accidental overdoses are a growing problem in the United States. A new text messaging service, TEXT RX, allows anyone to text in a question about mixing drugs and receive a quick response. Group established service interaction as well as a campaign of outdoor ads.

Multidisciplinary Course: World's Meeting Point
In a joint effort by Facebook and Kodak these stations, positioned around the world, would provide live video feeds for the world's citizens to interact with each other instantaneously.